Glitz! Glam! Regal! Royalty!

Shades of purple and gold shined throughout the evening at Embassy Suites in Ridgeland, MS, as community member Keesha Hardman Brown and her husband Ralph Brown took us on a journey of enchanted scents and storytelling. The event space was transformed into a royal dinner with family, friends, and guests dressed to the nines in their gowns and tuxedos.

Q15: The Fragrance Only Fit for a Queen” is Keesha’s brainchild. The name was divinely inspired by her beauty shop routine. In her words, she’s always been extra and wanted things done her way. Her sister, Wanda Brown Ray, who has always been Keesha’s beautician, once remarked that she acts like Queen Elizabeth the 15th; from there, Q15 came to fruition. Throughout the evening, everyone was dazzled by numerous surprise announcements and royal giveaways. Dr. Shequite Johnson was honored on behalf of Higher Purpose Co. as the first to purchase multiple tickets for this royal affair. She and a few other fabulous ladies were celebrated throughout the evening.

Surprises flowed throughout the night. The first surprise was an essential piece of the Q15 perfume: a body lotion—a perfect accessory to layering the sweet, soft, and royal fragrance of Q15. And the men weren’t left out, as Ralph announced the men’s cologne, Be Distinct! In addition to these beautiful fragrances, The Queendom Collection was unveiled to resounding cheers and excitement. Q15 is the mother fragrance and has now birthed four additional fragrances named Succession, Grandeur, Eminence, and Opulence. These lovely fragrances will be arriving soon, so be sure to check out the website listed below.

Higher Purpose Co.’s Programming Team, including Dr. Shequite Johnson, Dr. Oni Omorgie, Angela Williams, and Shakira Wyms, was present for this momentous occasion. For more information and to purchase one of the many fantastic fragrances, visit This fragrance is indeed “Royalty in a Bottle!” Higher Purpose Co. was happy to participate and support this memorable occasion!

Blog co-authored by
Shakira Wyms & Dr. Shequite Johnson