Higher Purpose Co Supports Miles for Mamas 5K to Elevate Black Maternal Health

Higher Purpose Co. (HPC) proudly participated in the recent Miles for Mamas 5K walk and run, a pivotal event celebrating Black Maternal Health Week. This event was more than just a run; it was an embodiment of our commitment to improving intergenerational economic opportunities within Black communities in Mississippi, especially those affected by systemic poverty and racism.

Angela Williams, Senior Program Officer of HPC, showcased remarkable dedication by securing third place in the event. Her achievement not only highlighted her personal commitment to the cause – supporting Black women’s maternal health. Angela’s reason for participating in causes that promote health and well-being resonated deeply with her, inspiring her to make this noble endeavor an annual commitment. “I love a good marathon!” she had exclaimed, reflecting on her experience.

Shakira Wyms, HPC’s Community Outreach Coordinator, was also in attendance, engaging with numerous women and other participants. Through her interactions, Shakira effectively conveyed the core values and missions of HPC while hosting a vendor’s space. She was delighted to share how HPC not only focuses on the needs of Black residents in Mississippi but also supports the health and well-being of its staff. Notably, over 70% of the HPC team are Black women, with 90% of these women being mothers, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and empowering workplace that supports Black women. Shakira’s conversations were enlightening for many, offering insights into HPC’s holistic approach to support and empowerment.

The event which was organized by Six Dimensions, Therapy Plus, and MomME, the Miles for Mamas 5K served as a crucial platform for raising awareness about maternal health challenges in Mississippi. The state, grappling with some of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the nation, found in this event a beacon of hope and action. From the heart-pumping 5K Race/Walk to the delightful Fun Run for kids, the event galvanized community unity, promoting health, wellness, and much-needed dialogue around maternal healthcare improvements.

Towards the end of the Miles for Mamas 5K event, it became clear that this gathering was much more than a race; it was a unified movement towards enhancing maternal health. Dr. Nakeitra Burse, CEO of Six Dimensions, played a pivotal role with her extensive expertise in community engagement and healthcare advocacy. Her passionate stance on maternal healthcare and self-care not only motivated participants but also galvanized partners to strive for meaningful change.

LeJeune Johnson, the visionary founder and CEO of Therapy Plus, shared her practice’s mission to extend wellness and mental health services to communities historically deprived of these essential resources. With an equity-focused agenda, Therapy Plus is dedicated to uplifting vulnerable and under-served populations, demonstrating a commitment to holistic service and accessibility.

Lauren and Lashay Jones, the founders of Mom.Me Rocks, showcased their nonprofit’s mission to empower mothers. Their innovative peer-led support groups provide a nurturing environment for mothers to share, uplift, and build strong, organic bonds. This initiative creates a supportive village that acknowledges and normalizes the diverse experiences of motherhood.

The essence of the Miles for Mamas 5K transcended the physical act of running; it symbolized a community’s strength and determination to advocate for the health and well-being of Black mothers and their families in Mississippi. Higher Purpose Co.’s (HPC) active involvement, highlighted by the contributions of Shakira and Angela, served to echo our unwavering dedication to Black communities impacted by poverty.

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