Higher Purpose Co. Receives Technical Assistance for Higher Purpose Housing Program

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – November 21, 2019 – Higher Purpose Co. has been selected to receive capacity-building technical assistance (TA) through the Housing Assistance Council’s (HACs) Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI 19). This initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The RCDI 19 program is a “multi-year technical assistance initiative designed to help increase and develop the capacity of nonprofit organizations.”

Participants in HACs RCDI 19 program will be eligible to receive individualized technical assistance, access to training and informational resources, reimbursable scholarships to participate in HAC sponsored regional training and peer exchanges, along with other specialized HAC training events. 

This program allows Higher Purpose Co. to officially launch its Higher Purpose Housing program.

 “We are excited to receive technical support from the housing assistance council,” said HPC CEO Tim Lampkin.

Lampkin added, “Higher Purpose Co. has been developing its housing strategy for the last year to primarily focus on stabilizing existing Black homeowners throughout Mississippi.”

Higher Purpose Housing will implement a community-led strategy to support existing Black homeowners by renovating their properties with eco-friendly sustainable practices. The program will work towards stabilizing Black communities where dilapidated homes and disinvestment majority exist.

HPC’s AmeriCorps Vista worker Breeanna Thornton is helping develop the Higher Purpose Housing program.

Thornton said, “I love how Higher Purpose Housing is designed to help those in the local community who are looking for affordable housing and those who need help with repairs on their homes.

The work of Higher Purpose Co. is doing for our communities is very inspiring and motivating. I’m excited to be a part of the developing process of the housing program as I know it will change the lives of many people.”

The purpose of the technical assistance through the HAC’s RCDI 19 program is to improve housing, community facilities, and community and economic development projects in rural areas.

The housing program will focus on the Mississippi Delta during its pilot year.

HPC will hire unemployed opportunity youth and millennials to assist with the renovations by which each worker will be compensated for training and completing any renovations.

To learn more about the housing program email Breeanna@higherpurposeco.org or call 662-592-5262.