Higher Purpose Co’s Statement of Solidarity

Higher Purpose Co (HPC) mission as an economic justice nonprofit is to build community wealth with Black residents in Mississippi by supporting the ownership of financial, cultural, and political power. HPC recognizes our work supporting Black business ownership is one aspect needed to disrupt the system of structural inequalities. Black communities continue to be under attack despite our progress in the United States. HPC recently received racist comments to suppress our Black Business Relief Fund in Mississippi. 

However, despite the attempts to hinder our work we continue to push forward because HPC believes the oppression of Black people must end now. HPC stands in solidarity with our Black brothers, sisters, and allies to demand justice for all of the individuals who have been senselessly murdered by police. Our work with Black entrepreneurs, farmers, and creators in Mississippi will continue to expand as we fight for economic justice, highlight authentic Black stories, and advocate for better policies in our state. HPC will also deepen our relationship with mission aligned partners to build up our communities while amplifying the need for justice in every aspect of our lives because we know Black Lives Matter