Honoring the Memories of Our Beloved Higher Purpose Co. Business Members

In the midst of life’s journey, we pause to reflect and honor our beloved business members of the Higher Purpose Co. (HPC) community. Even though they have transitioned on, each one of them has left an indelible mark on HPC, touching our lives in profound ways. Let’s take a moment to remember the lives of Malaika Howard, Antoine Lewis, and Stephanie Griffins.

Malaika Howard
Malaika Howard graced us with four years of her presence as a dedicated member of HPC. She was the force behind the Better than Beautiful Academy, Malaika’s business journey began in Chicago and led her to Atlanta before she returned to Clarksdale, MS. Her commitment to our cause was unmatched, and her warm spirit uplifted not only the employees at HPC but also everyone she encountered at various HPC events and beyond. Malaika’s legacy of kindness and dedication will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Antoine Lewis
Antoine Lewis, of King Lewis Designs, spent two impactful years as a member of our community. Born and raised in Greenville, MS, Antoine’s design expertise played a vital role in the success of HPC’s Legacy Purpose Success, Men’s Entrepreneurship Summit. His creative soul and role as the head decorator were pivotal in crafting indelible moments for all participants. He not only brought a joyful demeanor, but also exhibited the utmost professionalism at his craft.

Stephanie Griffins
Stephanie Griffins, a life-long resident of Greenville, MS and a member of HPC for two years, made a significant impact both as an Air Force Veteran and a devoted mother. Her business, Rosebud’s Little Learners, echoed her passion for nurturing young minds. In addition to molding young minds, her clothing boutique Sippi Gal, kept Black women sexy, sultry and confident. Stephanie was a beacon of strength and a loyal friend to many. Her memory lives on as a testament to the love and care she shared with those around her.

As we remember these extraordinary individuals, we are reminded that life is both fleeting and precious. Their unexpected departures serve as a constant reminder to seize the moments and make the most of the time we have. Though their paths were diverse, each of these members exemplified a life well-lived, surrounded by the pursuits that brought them joy. While mourning their transitions, we also celebrate the invaluable lessons they bestowed upon us. Their legacies continue to inspire us to lead purposeful lives, filled with love, dedication, and a commitment to making a difference. In honoring Malaika Howard, Antoine Lewis, and Stephanie Griffins, HPC pays tribute  to their lives and the impact they’ve had on ours. May their memories remain etched in our hearts as we continue to move forward, guided by their examples of resilience, creativity, and passion.