Meet the 2022 Money Purpose Success Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit Speakers

by Jarquita Brown

Higher Purpose Co. is celebrating seven years of the Money Purpose Success Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit. This year’s summit will be held in Indianola, Mississippi at the CAPPS Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 17. Topics will range from financial literacy to learning how to break into the entertainment industry. It will include a special performance by KIRBY, an incredibly talented songwriter who has written for Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West.Meet the 2022 MPS Speakers below.

Personal Finance Expert Dominique Broadway

Dominique Broadway is this year’s keynote speaker. Broadway is an award-winning personal finance expert and founder of Finance Demystified. Her keynote will focus on secrets to making your finances work for you. Broadway is a provocative financial literacy trailblazer on a mission to make wealth attainable for anyone. Her in demand classes and accessible social media profiles have given her a reputation as a personal finance expert who is engaging and makes complex financial topics, like investing, trendy and easy-to-understand. In addition, she has a strong passion for working with young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people of all ages to bring their Dreams 2 Reality. Dominique’s edgy and engaging financial advice has been highlighted in TIME, NextAdvisor, Yahoo!, USA Today, Refinery 29, Baltimore Sun, Black Enterprise,, Ebony Magazine, SmartCEO, U.S. News, and other media outlets. She was also featured in Forbes and Business Insider.

Award-Winning Actress and Filmmaker Jasmine Burke

Jasmine Burke is hosting this year’s summit and will lead a fireside side chat about breaking into the entertainment industry as an actress and filmmaker. Burke is a Harvard-educated Film Student. Her leading roles include Saints & Sinners, Entanglements, and Karen.

CEO of Gant Media Group Essence Gant

Essence Gant will lead a transformational conversation about merging lifestyle with diversity, inclusion, and equity.⁣ Gant is a leadingbeauty, style, and culture journalist and creative who has built a brand around thoughtful, authentic commentary and content from a socially-conscious lens.⁣ Gant is the former beauty director of BuzzFeed. She led the launch and editorial strategy for BuzzFeed’s lifestyle brand As/Is and later led the creative for sponsored programs with some of BuzzFeed’s most noted clients. Now an independent creator, she acts as a talent and consultant, partnering with household brands such as Macy’s, L’Oreal, and Target. Gant is incredibly passionate about the intersection of beauty, culture, diversity, inclusion, and equity in both content and the workplace.

CEO of Green Heffa Farms Clarenda Stanley

Clarenda “Farmer Cee” Stanley is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, farmer, and CEO of Green Heffa Farms, a medicinal plants and herb tea farm in Liberty, North Carolina. Stanley will lead a powerful conversation about the importance of getting back to growing and raising our own food.⁣ Stanley’s farm is the nation’s first Black-owned farm to earn Certified B Corp status. Green Heffa Farms is an emerging natural health brand governed by its 4Es commitment to Environment, Equity, Education, and Economic empowerment. Headquartered on nearly 15 acres, the farm grows, processes, and packages premium plant medicine from “seed to sip,” organically and regeneratively producing the beneficial botanicals featured in the farm’s unique teas and steams.

Federal Agent and Serial Entrepreneur Taylur Avery

Taylur Avery is Los Angeles-born and Mississippi-raised. At the summit, Avery will explain how to become financially literate and get started in real estate and short term rentals.⁣⁣⁣ She has worked in law enforcement for seven years, beginning her career as a Mississippi State Trooper and eventually moving on to become a Federal Agent in Los Angeles, California. Avery continues to work full-time while teaching others how to become financially literate and coaching new or aspiring business owners to get started in real estate and short-term rentals. She has also successfully scaled her Mayweather Studio to $65K months after the pandemic. Avery’s love for helping others and her gift of coaching and entrepreneurship have allowed her to fulfill her life’s calling to help others gain mental and financial freedom by working with her.

Founder of Buy From A Black Woman Nicki Porcher

Nikki Porcher, the founder and CEO of Buy From A Black Woman has made it her mission to help empower, educate, and inspire Black women business owners across the nation & spread the awareness of why it is important to support and #BuyFromABlackWoman. Her nonprofit ensures that Black Women have the tools and resources to succeed as entrepreneurs. She has a list of accomplishments, including a partnership with H&M & GoldmanSachs, and being one of the first platforms dedicated to Black Woman Businesses with her online directory, but the accomplishment that matters most for Porcher is her efforts to keep going.

CEO and Lead Strategist Shunquetta Cunningham

Shunquetta Cunningham is the CEO and Lead Consultant of KHARIS Group and the Nonprofit Summit of Northeast Arkansas Founder and Chairwoman. She leads her company on the nexus of narrative disruption about nonprofit success and leadership engagement. She helps nonprofit, and for-profit clients develop the intentional strategy, opportunity, and transformation required to succeed in their organizations. From grant writing, research, board training, nonprofit development, and business planning, KHARIS is a resource service hub for social impact entities. Cunningham is a true consultant enthusiast with a heavy calling to solve problems, deliver solutions, and create value.

Community Organizer Tamara Bates

Tamara Bates is a captivating community voice who speaks on social responsibility and equity across the United States’ southern region. She is an organizer at heart who is not shy when addressing social justice issues and flawed policies that impact everyday people. Bates is the Principal of the Rock AR Vote voter engagement initiative, which focuses on civic education and community engagement throughout Arkansas. At the summit, Bates will lead a conversation about social responsibility and equity so that we can learn how to start making an impact in our community.⁣

Media Personality Trinity Mitchell

Trinity Mitchell is the founder of Warrior Nation, an online prayer ministry established in 2014 that serves millions with the word of God and prayer monthly. Mitchell serves as a NASM (National Association of Sports and Medicine) certified Fitness Pastor for the ministry, creating content that bridges the gap between faith and fitness. As Mitchell cultivated a love for helping others, she was led to help people relationally. After hearing from the Holy Spirit, Trinity changed her social media name to Your Friend Trin, where she would give advice on healthy relationships, communication, and how to build good character overall. Mitchell contributes to the evolution of her life by learning to love and honor people.

Meet this fantastic lineup of speakers on Saturday, September 17, at the CAPPS Center in Indianola. The event is officially sold out. Learn more about these speakers at For more information about the summit or questions, contact Higher Purpose Co. COO, Shequite Johnson at